To the amazingly talented Amethyst Dancers – thank you all so much for performing at the kick-off to Principals in Focus. Everyone was impressed with the quality of dancing and your principals were very proud. Keep being awesome!

— Sandra McKenzie, Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


Your shows at the CNE International Stage were wonderful! They were colourful and lively with original choreography. Particularly creative was the way that the dancers entered the stage for each dance piece, merging from one to the other and keeping the audiences captivated. Our audiences loved your shows!

— Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto (ON)

The Amethyst Scottish Dancers of Nova Scotia are truly a delight to audiences. They do a number of different styles of dance, music and costume changes that light up the faces of those watching. We look forward to having them join us at our next event!

— Roberta Dexter COO, Plan Ahead Events

When the Amethyst Dancers came to the stage at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference 2015, there was not only an air of professionalism about the group, but such an energy and happiness, it made me proud to have them representing Nova Scotia dancers and our Scottish heritage. Their costumes were beautiful and all the dances were unique, interesting and entertaining. I could have watched them all evening. The feedback about the Amethyst dancers was all positive and we were thrilled that students and teachers from across Canada got to see this amazing group!

— Canadian Student Leadership Conference, Halifax (NS)

Canadian Student Leadership Conference

Delightful to work with and extremely talented dancers.

— Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) Annual National Conference

MacDougall Anniversary

Mixing traditional Scottish steps with modern costumes, Amethyst puts on a professional, up beat show that keeps your hand clapping and toes tapping.

— McDougall family 50th anniversary event

The Amethyst Scottish dancers have performed in my production of The Celtic Christmas Show for the last three years. I found the dancers to be very organized and well-prepared and their performances were energetic and well-choreographed. They were definitely a hit with the audience!

— Zeph Caissie T.C.R.G.

Celtic Christmas